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    Directions: Read the following text from which five sentences have removed. Choose from the sentences A -G the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text(41-45). There are Two extra sentences that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET 1.

    The whole of the United States cheered its latest hero, Ashley Smith, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation saying it was planning to give a big reward to her for having a brave heart and wise mind.

    1_____ She was moving into her apartment in Atlanta, Georgia early on the morning of March 12, when a man followed her to her door and put a gun to her side. "I started walking to my door, and I felt really, really afraid," she said in a TV interview last week. The man was Brian Nichols, 33. He was suspected of killing three people at an Atlanta courthouse(法院)on March, 11 and later of killing a federal agent. 2_____

    Nichols tied Smith up with tape, but released her after she repeatedly begged him not to take her life. "I told him if he hurt me, my little girl wouldn' t have a mummy," she said. In order to calm the man down, she read to him from The Purpose-Driven Life, a best-selling religious boot.

    He asked her to repeat a paragraph " about what you thought your purpose in life was--what talents were you given. " 3_____ "I basically just talked to him and tried to gain his trust," Smith said. Smith said she asked Nichols why he chose her. "He said he thought I was an angel sent from God, and we were Christian sister and brother, " she said. "And that he was lost, and that God led him to me to tell him that he had hurt a lot of people. " 4_____ She said Nichols was surprised when she made him breakfast and that the two of them watched television coverage(报道)of the police hunt for him. "I cannot believe that' s me, " Nichols told the woman. Then, Nichols asked Smith what she thought he should do. She said, "! think you should turn yourself in. If you don' t, lots more people are going to get hurt. "

    Eventually, he let her go. 5_____ A $ 60,000 reward had been posted for Nichols' capture. Authorities said they did not yet know if Smith would be eligible(有资格的)for that money.

    [A] She even cooked breakfast for the man before he allowed her to leave.

    [B] Smith thanked the man for his kindness.

    [C] Smith tried very hard to kill Nichols.

    [D] The local police were searching for him.

    [E] And the two of them discussed this topic.

    [F] Then she called the police.

    [G] Smith is a 26-year-old single mother with a daughter.


    整个美国都在为它的最新英雄Ashley Smith欢呼喝彩,联邦调查局示由于Smith的勇敢和睿智计划要予以她很大的奖励。

    Smith是一个26岁的单身妈妈,有一个女儿。3月12日一早她正往佐治亚州亚特兰大市的公寓搬家,一个男人跟随她进了家门并用枪对着她。“我开始朝门的方向走去,心里真的非常非常害怕,”她上周在一个电视采访节目中说。这个男人是Brian Nichols,33岁。他被怀疑3月11日在亚特兰大法院杀害三个人,后来又杀了一名联邦特工,当地警方正搜捕他。

    Nichols用带子把Smith绑起来,但在她苦苦哀求下才放开她。她说:“我跟他说如果他伤害我,我的小女儿就没有妈妈了。”为了让这个男人安静下来,她给他读了一本畅销的宗教书籍《充满目的的生活》。他让她重复其中一段“你的人生目的是什么——你有什么才能”。他们两个还就此话题展开讨论。 .

















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