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  • 2010年11月湖南成人学位英语考试真题及答案(完成对话)

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    Part I Dialogue Completion (15 points)

    Directions: There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D .Choose the best one to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

    1. Speaker A: That was a great dinner. You must have spent all day cooking.

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. Yes, it was really very tiring.

    B. No, it’s really nothing.

    C. No, it’s only a casual meal.

    D. Thanks. But it only took two hours.

    2. Speaker A: I tried to buy you those towels you wanted on sale, but they only had these really ugly ones left. Sorry.

    Speaker B:__________ . They are not bad.

    3. Speaker A: What’s your favorite food?

    Speaker B: Pizza.

    Speaker A:__________ . I prefer chocolate ice cream.

    A. Not me.

    B. So do I.

    C. Same here.

    D. You got it.

    4. Speaker A: This computer keeps giving me trouble.

    Speaker B: Try restarting it.__________ .

    A. See if that helps.

    B. I can do nothing about it.

    C. Who knows?

    D. What else?

    5. Speaker A: Susan, I can’t get my old job jacket. It’s a lost cause.

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. Can’t you? It serves you right.

    B. I understand. You’ll find something else.

    C. Yes, I know it’s not a good cause.

    D. Lost?Maybe I can help you find it.

    6. Speaker A: I had no idea the movie would end like that.

    Speaker B:__________ . I was really surprised.

    A. Me either.

    B. Me alike.

    C. I think so.

    D. Not that I know.

    7. Speaker A: I’m a little scared about the operation.

    Speaker B:__________ , honey. The doctors will be there every step of the way.

    A.You know what.

    B. That’s good.

    C. Don’t worry.

    D. That’s it.

    8. Speaker A: Who left the refrigerator door open?

    Speaker B:__________ . I haven’t been in the kitchen all day.

    A. Don’t look at me.

    B. You ask for it.

    C. You bet.

    D. Don’t be silly.

    9. Speaker A: Could you get me Extension 1058, please?

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. Yes. This is operator speaking.

    B. OK. Here you are.

    C. No. I’m busy now.

    D. Sorry. The line is busy.

    10. Speaker A: You’ve been the first place winner in this writing contest. Congratulations!

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. Yes. It’s quite easy for me.

    B. It’s very kind of you to say so.

    C. Thank you for the good news.

    D. Not at all. It’s nothing.

    11. Tourist: Excuse me; I’d like to go to the British Museum.__________

    Police: No, not really. It’s about a ten-minute walk.

    A. Can I walk there?

    B. Where is it?

    C. Is it far from here?

    D. Could you show me the way?

    12. Speaker A: Hi, Linda. The train leaves at 10 pm and I could pick you up at 9.

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. I think so.

    B. I can’t wait.

    C. Good for you.

    D. That’s fine with me.

    13. Speaker A: Sorry, I didn’t catch the last train.

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. Don’t be sorry.

    B. Do you want me to repeat it?

    C. What else, please?

    D. I’m afraid that’s it.

    14. Speaker A: You must be Teddy. Thanks for coming.

    Speaker B: Yes,__________

    A. I’m fine. Thank you.

    B. I am. And you are…?

    C. Here I am.

    D. Who’s speaking please?

    15. Speaker A: I wonder if you could tell me where to get map?

    Speaker B:__________ .

    A. I don’t know where you want to go.

    B. I have never heard about it.

    C. Sure, but I really have no idea.

    D. Well, maybe in the post office or bookstore.

    PartⅠ. Dialogue Completion (15 points)


    1. D 在回答对方赞扬时,英语中习惯的回答是“谢谢”。因此D为正确答案。

    2. C 当对方为所做的事情表示“歉意(sorry)”时,英语中习惯的回答不是“批评”。ABD三个答案都有“批评”的意思。因此C为正确答案。

    3. D “Not me”的意思是“不是我;我不行;我不适合”;“So do I”的意思是“我也一样”;“Same here”的意思是“我也是,彼此彼此”;“You got it”的意思是“没问题,你干掉它!给你啦!”。针对说话人B回答“Pizza”时,说话人A说他自己喜欢巧克力冰激凌。根据此情景,说话人A应该是赞同说话人B的观点,但是自己却有不同的选择。因此选项D为正确答案。

    4. A 当说话人A对电脑表示抱怨时,说话人B回答道“把电脑重启吧!”这是在给出建议,与此建议相搭配的应该是A答案“看看会不会好一点:是否有用”;B答案表达的是“无能为力”;C答案表达的是“谁知道?”;D答案表达的是“还有啥?”

    5. A “It’s a lost cause.”是句习语,其意思是“没希望了”。C答案当中的“cause”和D答案当中的“Lost”都误解了习语当中的意思,B答案与说话人A的话不相关。A答案表达的是一种责备。“It serves you right!”的意思是“活该”。

    6. A A答案的意思是“我也是”,用于强调含否定意义的短语;没有“Me alike”这种表达;C答案用于肯定的认同;D答案应该是“Not that I know of”,其意思是“我不知道;据我所知不是那样”。因此选项A为正确答案。

    7. C You know what?(你知道吗?);That's good!(太好了!);Don’t worry(不用担心);That’s it.(对;就是这样了;就这么回事;就是如此了)。说话人A表示了对手术的恐惧,说话人B对其进行了安慰。因此C选项为正确答案。

    8. A Don’t look at me(别看着我,与我无关!);You ask for it!(活该;自找的!);You bet!(你可确信;的确;当然!);Don’t be silly!(别傻了;别犯傻)。根据上下文,A选项为正确答案。

    9. D 说话人A说:“麻烦接分机1058.”该句话并不是真正意义上的疑问句,所以回答不用“Yes”或者“No”。B答案:“好的,给你”不符合对话场景。D选项“对不起,您要的电话正忙”符合该打电话场景。

    10. C 说话人A对说话人B表示祝贺,习惯的回答首先是“谢谢!”C选项“Thank you for the good news”(非常感谢你的这个好消息)符合题意,为正确答案。

    11. C 游客说“想去大英博物馆”,警察回答“不,不是很远。大约十分钟的路程”,这说明游客问的是“远近”问题。根据情境,C选项符合该场景。

    12. D I think so(我也这样认为);I can’t wait(我迫不及待);Good for you!(好得很!真服了你;对你有好处);That’s fine with me.(好;没问题;我没意见)。说话人A说“火车10点出发,我9点钟能够来接你”,根据四个选项的意义,D选项符合该场景。

    13. A 说话人A对未能赶上最后一趟火车而感到歉意,英语中习惯的回答不是“批评”。因此A选项“请不必说抱歉”符合该场景。

    14. B 说话人A说“你肯定就是特迪。欢迎你来!”,这表明说话双方应该相互不认识。“I’m fine. Thank you.”是对“How do you do?”的回答。“Here I am.”的意思是“我是;我到了;我就在这里”。“Who’s speaking please?”是电话用语。因此B选项“我是特迪。请问你是......?”符合此情景。

    15. C 选项AB答非所问。“I wonder if you could tell me where to get map?”是个一般疑问句,对其肯定的回答一般用“Yes”或者“Sure”。因此答案选C。



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