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    PART III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

    Directions : There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentences. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

    36. You can arrive in Guangzhou on time for the fashion show__________ you don’t mind taking the night train.

    A. provided

    B. unless

    C. though

    D. until

    37. The students are still taking about the strange people they__________ on their trip.

    A. meet

    B. had met

    C. were met

    D. met

    38. The players expected there__________ more free time after going back to the country from abroad.

    A. is

    B. being

    C. have been

    D. to be

    39. The man who__________ stopped from time to time as if he wanted to tie his shoelaces.

    A. was being followed

    B. was to follow

    C. had followed

    D. was once followed

    40. __________has finished the task ahead of time will be rewarded, though we don’t know who it will be.

    A. Those who

    B. Anyone

    C. Whoever

    D. Who

    41. At last I decided to pay a visit to my new general manager as soon as I__________ .

    A. finish what I did

    B. finished what I did

    C. would finish what I was doing

    D. finished what I was doing

    42. These two countries are similar __________they both have a high snowfall during winter.

    A. to that

    B. besides that

    C. in that

    D. except that

    43. They were surprised that a four-day-old boy should work out such a difficult problem they themselves couldn’t.

    A. once

    B. then

    C. while

    D. if

    44. Word has come __________a large number of the British Airway employees will go on strike next week.

    A. that

    B. what

    C. when

    D. whether

    45. We would say it’s the best use that__________ this money.

    A. could be made of

    B. could be made

    C. could we make

    D. could make of

    46. It’s getting late. We__________ leave now, or we’ll miss the last bus.

    A. had rather

    B. had better

    C. would rather

    D. would better

    47. It is__________ that a hundred people can dance in it.

    A. so large a room

    B. so a large room

    C. such large a room

    D. a such large room

    48. I can never thank you__________ much for your help. Without it, I couldn’t have finished my paper.

    A. so

    B. too

    C. as

    D. very

    49. When I met her this morning, she had this__________ look on her face. She must have worked late last night.

    A. tire

    B. tired

    C. tiring

    D. tiresome

    50. Hawaii is __________a palace to relax; it’s also a marvelous spot to surf.

    A. much as

    B. less than

    C. more than

    D. rather as

    51. I cannot believe that he __________my offer.

    A. turned on

    B. turned off

    C. turned down

    D. turned over

    52. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever set my eyes __________.

    A. to

    B. on

    C. off

    D. for

    53. Though the Chinese medicine tastes__________ , it surely helps.

    A. bad

    B. badly

    C. worse

    D. worst

    54. Night __________, the girl studying in her room switched on the light to do more reading.

    A. is falling

    B. has fallen

    C. fell

    D. having fallen

    55. Doctors have said that as many as 50 percent of patients don’t take medicine__________ directed.

    A. like

    B. so

    C. which

    D. as

    56. The traditional approach to dealing with complex problems is to__________ into smaller, more easily managed ones.

    A. break them down

    B. take them down

    C. make them up

    D. bring them up

    57. Since man depends__________ such a great extent on forests, every effort must be made to preserve trees and wildlife.

    A. on

    B. in

    C. to

    D. at

    58. Many animals that lived thousands of years ago are now __________.

    A. extinct

    B. existent

    C. distinct

    D. diverse

    59. The government gave a very__________ explanation of its plans for the development of electronic industry.

    A. comprehensible

    B. comprehensive

    C. expressive

    D. intensive

    60. Many students__________ because they are not prepared for our challenging program.

    A. turn out

    B. fall out

    C. let out

    D. drop out

    61. When she said she would be ready to help us out, she__________ well.

    A. meant

    B. pointed

    C. looked

    D. sensed

    62. A dynamic free-market system can generate prosperity and progress on a global__________ .

    A. size

    B. scope

    C. scale

    D. dimension

    63. More flight__________ will be opened across the country with the fast growth of tourism.

    A. roads

    B. ways

    C. paths

    D. routes

    64. Please__________ your telephone message by writing to me.

    A. infer

    B. inform

    C. confirm

    D. contact

    65. Red Cross is __________the operation to fly in supplies to the refuges.

    A. in touch of

    B. in charge of

    C. in honor of

    D. in pursuit of

    66. Your debt situation is only temporary, and it is within your__________ to resolve it.

    A. position

    B. strength

    C. power

    D. right

    67. Suffering was easier to__________ than the bitterness he felt destroying his spirit.

    A. bear

    B. resist

    C. take

    D. put

    68. Most recent opinion polls suggest that the__________ between the two parties has narrowed.

    A. distance

    B. gap

    C. lag

    D. disagreement

    69. Due to the fog, the flight will be cancelled---we apologize for any__________.

    A. discomfort

    B. bother

    C. difficulty

    D. inconvenience

    70. They had mistaken me for Williams, but during dinner the confusion was__________ .

    A. raised up

    B. backed up

    C. mixed up

    D. cleared up

    71. I should have gone with my first__________ , which was not to do the interview.

    A. emotion

    B. instinct

    C. response

    D. sense

    72. In the meantime, the question facing the committee is whether such research is__________ the costs.

    A. worth

    B. value

    C. worthy

    D. valuable

    73. We can accept your order__________ payment is made in advance, including the transportation expenses.

    A. in the belief that

    B. in order that

    C. on the excuse that

    D. on condition that

    74. The project manager asked his assistant if it was possible for him to__________ the investment plan within a week.

    A. look out

    B. make out

    C. work out

    D. hold out

    75. To be truly successful, you must recognize what__________ you and what your life interests are.

    A. maintains

    B. motivates

    C. dominates

    D. determines


    Part III. Vocabulary and Structures (20 points)

    36. A provided 引导句子时有“假定”之意。provided(常 ~ that;表条件)在…条件下;倘若,假若,只要 (only if);unless 除非,如果不 (= if…not);though虽然;尽管;until在…以前;直到…时。题干意思:如果你不介意乘坐这趟夜间火车的话,你就能够准时到达广州赶上时装秀。

    37. D 本题考查时态。旅途中的“遇见”是过去发生的动作,因此排除A(一般现在时)和C(被动语态);B选项(过去完成时)一般与过去式组合。因此正确答案为D。题干意思:学生们正在谈论他们在旅途中遇见的陌生人。

    38. D 本题考查There be的用法。“There being”通常表示“已经存在”的事情。“There to be”可以用作一个动词的宾语,我们通常称之为复合宾语,其意义常表示对将来的一种意愿或希望,但目前还没“存在”。题干意思:这群运动员期望回国之后有更多的自由时间。

    39. A 本题考查过去进行时被动语态的用法。本句所强调的是“正在”被跟踪,因此要用过去进行时的被动语态。题干意思:被跟踪的这个人时不时地停下来,好像是想去系鞋带。

    40. A 本题考查的是名词性从句引导词。“will be rewarded”是真正的谓语动词,前面应当是名词性定语从句做主语。A选项“Those who”与“who it will be(单数)”相矛盾;B选项应当是“Anyone who”;D选项与题意不符。题干意思:虽然我们不知道这个人是谁,但是无论谁提前完成此项工作都将获得奖励。

    41. D 根据题意,as soon as所引导的时间状语从句中,谓语动词finish所发生的时间为“过去将来”。这里的“过去将来”要用一般过去时来表示,不用过去将来时,因而选项D是正确答案。as soon as所引起的时间状语从句中,用一般过去时表示“过去将来”时间的用法,类似于用一般现在时来表示“将来”时间的用法。题干意思:最后我决定一做完手头的工作就去拜访我的新任总经理。

    42. C besides that此外;in that意为“因为”;except that只可惜;除了…之外。题干意思:这两个国家的情形相似,因为冬季降雪很多。

    43. C while是并列连词,意为“而,却”,前后有对比的意味。题干意思:一个四天大的男孩竟然能够解决如此有难度的问题,而他们自己却不能,对此他们很是惊讶。

    44. A that可引导同位语从句,说明被修饰名词的内容。题干意思:有消息称下周很多英国航空公司职员将参加罢工。

    45. A 这个一个主语从句,it 指代 that 后面的内容。be made of 是固定词组,意为“利用”。题干意思:我们可以说这是这笔钱的最好用处。

    46. A had rather宁肯,宁愿;had better最好;would rather宁愿,宁可;would better应该,必须。题干意思:天不早了。我们最好马上就走,否则就赶不上最后一趟班车了。

    47. A 引导结果状语从句的句型主要有:so+adj(adv)+that从句;so+adj+a(an)+n+that从句;such+a(an)+adj+n+that从句。表示“这样……(一个)……以至于……”。题干意思:这么大的一座房子以至于可以容纳一百个人一同跳舞。

    48. B I can never thank you too much.意为“我无论怎么感谢你都不为过(多)——即感激不尽。”类似的表达还有 I can’t agree more——非常赞同。题干意思:对你的帮助我表示感激不尽。若是没有你的帮助,我不能完成我的论文。

    49. B tire轮胎,使疲倦,厌烦,劳累;tired疲倦的,疲惫的,感到疲倦;tiring累人的;tiresome 令人厌烦,无聊的,吃力的。题干意思:今天早上碰到她时,她一脸疲惫,昨天肯定是工作到很晚。

    50. B much as(虽然,尽管)表让步;less than小于,决不,毫不;more than不仅仅是,超过;rather as不是标准词组。题干意思:夏威夷不仅是个休闲天堂,同时还是个飘浪的绝佳地方。

    51. B turned on打开,发动;turned off关上,出产,解雇;turned down关小,调低,拒绝; turned over翻过来,翻倒;移交,交;仔细考虑。题干意思:他拒绝我所开出的条件,我简直不能相信。

    52. B set eyes on是固定词组,意为见到,望见。题干意思:这是我见过的最漂亮的景色之一。

    53. A taste在这里做感官系动词,后面接形容词做补足语,说明主语情况,类似的系动词还有feel, sound, smell。题干意思:这中药虽然尝起来苦,但肯定是有帮助的。

    54. D 本题的后半部分是主句,真正的谓语动词是switched on。Night引导的是从句,having fallen是现在分词完成式,做状语。题干意思:夜幕降临时,在房里学习的这个女孩打开了灯,想接着读。

    55. D as directed为as they are directed的省略形式,as引导方式状语,意为“象…”而like为介词,不可引导从句。当从句中的主语与主句中的主语一致时,从句中的主语和谓语动词的一部分可以省略。题干意思:医生们说有百分之50之多的病人不按说明书用药。

    56. B break down分解;take down记下,拿下,拆卸,病倒;make up弥补,组成,化妆,整理,捏造;bring up提出,教育,养育,呕出,(船等)停下。题干意思:对于复杂问题的解决办法一般就是把问题分成多个小一些,简单一些的问题来处理。

    57. C to such a great extent意为“这么大的程度上”。题干意思:由于人类这么大程度上依赖深林,因此我们应尽一切的努力以保护树木和野生动物。

    58. A extinct灭绝的,绝种的,熄灭的;existent生存者,存在的;distinct明显的,独特的,清楚的,有区别的;diverse不同的,多种多样的,变化多的。题干意思:许多生活在几千年以前的动物现在已经没绝了。

    59. B comprehensible可理解的;comprehensive广泛的,综合的;expressive有表现力的;intensive加强的,集中的,加强语气的。题干意思:政府对电子工业发展的规划作了详尽的解释。

    60. D turn out生产,结果是,关掉,出动,驱逐;fall out脱落,争吵,离队;let out放出,泄露,出租;drop out退出,退学,脱离。题干意思:许多学生因为没有准备好应对我们的挑战性项目而中途退出了。

    61. A she meant well意为“她是好意的”;pointed指出;looked看起来;sensed感觉。题干意思:当她说她准备帮助我们摆脱困境时,她是好意的。

    62. C size大小,尺寸;scope范围,余地,视野,眼界,导弹射程;scale规模,比例,鳞,刻度,天平,数值范围;dimension维,尺,次元,容积。on a global scale是个固定词组,意为“全球规模的,全球性的,全球范围内”。题干意思:一个有活力的自由市场体系能够在全球范围内促成繁荣与进步。

    63. D road公路,道路,手段;way方法,道路,方向,行业,习惯;path道路,小路,轨道;route路线,航线,通道,flight routes航线。题干意思:旅游业的增长,国与国之间将开辟更多的航线。

    64. C infer推断,推论;inform通知,告诉,报告;confirm进一步证实,确定,支持;contact联系,接触。题干意思:请给我来封信,好进一步证实你在电话中传达的消息。

    65. B in touch of可接近的,可做到的,可达到的;in charge of负责,主管;in honor of向…致敬,向…表示敬意,为庆祝…;in pursuit of寻求,追求。题干意思:红十字会负责向难民空运供给。

    66. C position位置,职位,姿态;strength力量,强度,力气,兵力,长处;power力量,势力,动力;right正确,右边,正义,权利。within one’s power意为“力所能及”。题干意思:你的债务状况只是暂时,你有能力解决。

    67. A bear结果实,忍受,具有,支撑;resist抵抗,忍耐,忍住;take拿,取,采取,吃,接受;put放,表达,移动,安置,赋予。题干意思:与他感觉自己的精神被摧毁的苦恼相比,身体的痛苦更加容易忍受。

    68. B distance距离,远方,疏远,间隔;gap间隙,缺口,空白;lag落后,迟延,防护套,囚犯,桶板;disagreement不一致,争论,意见不同。题干意思:最近绝大多数民意调查表明两党之间的隔阂已经缩小。

    69. D discomfort不适,不安;bother麻烦,烦恼;difficulty困难,困境;inconvenience不便,麻烦。题干意思:由于大雾,本次航班取消。由此给您带来的不便,敬请原谅。

    70. D raised up举起,抬起;backed up支持,援助,(资料)备份,倒退;mixed up混淆,拌和,调和;cleared up澄清,清理,放晴,打扫。题干意思:他们将我误认为是威廉了,但是这种误会在晚餐期间被澄清了。

    71. B emotion情感;情绪;instinct本能,直觉,天性;response响应,反应,回答;sense感觉,官能;观念,道理,理智。题干意思:我应该跟着我的第一直觉走,那就是不去做那次采访。

    72. A worth值…的,价值,财产;value价值,重要性,价格,评价,估价,重视;worthy值得的,有价值的,配得上的,相称的,可尊敬的,应…的,杰出人物,知名人士;valuable有价值的,贵重的,可估价的,贵重物品。be worth something = be worth doing something = be worthy of something = be worthy to be soemthing = be worthy of doing something。题干意思:在此同时,委员会面临的问题是这样的研究是否值得这笔花费。

    73. D in the belief that相信……;in order that目的是……;on the excuse that作为……的辩解;on condition that以……作为条件。题干意思:我们接受你的订货,条件是必须提前付款,还得包括运输费用。

    74. C look out注意,向外看;make out辨认,明白,写出;work out(=develop, devise, arrange)制订,设计;hold out坚持,伸出,提供,维持,抵制,主张,扣留。题干意思:项目经理问他的助手能否在一周之内完成(制定出)投资方案。

    75. B maintain维持,继续,维修,主张,供养;motivate刺激,使有动机,激发…的积极性;dominate控制,支配,占优势,在…中占主要地位;determine决定,判决,使…下定决心。题干意思:要想获得真正的成功,你必须认识到激励自己的是什么以及自己的生活兴趣是什么。


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