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    PART III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

    Directions : There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentences. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

    36. The girl learned to like the country dances almost__________ other activities.

    A. so much as

    B. as much as

    C. as many as

    D. so many as

    37. The turnover capacity of the harbor has increased__________ this year.

    A. by two fifth

    B. by two fifths

    C. to two fifth

    D. to two fifths

    38. It won’t be long __________ our city can solve the problem of water pollution.

    A. after

    B. before

    C. since

    D. when

    39. All information has been __________as carefully as possible to ensure that it is accurate.

    A. saved

    B. downloaded

    C. deleted

    D. checked

    40. The note was to __________ him of something he had to explain to his students.

    A. inform

    B. warn

    C. remind

    D. notify

    41. Research opportunities __________ in a wide range of pure and applied mathematics.

    A. rise

    B. exist

    C. happen

    D. stand

    42. It is not __________ for me to return all the books now because I still need some of them for my research.

    A. convenient

    B. necessary

    C. urgent

    D. advisable

    43. For travelers, the dramatic combination of old and new makes for a journey unlike __________.

    A. any other

    B. each other

    C. one another

    D. every other

    44. The manager first introduced himself to the new employees and then went on __________ the company regulations.

    A. with explaining

    B. explaining

    C. to explain

    D. being explaining

    45. Many of the world’s greatest novels are reported __________into films in the past few years.

    A. to have been made

    B. to be made

    C. having been made

    D. having made

    46. There is no point __________ to persuade him to take the risk of starting his own business.

    A. to try

    B. in trying

    C. of trying

    D. for trying

    47. He heard someone __________ when he happened to be passing through the village.

    A. scream

    B. to scream

    C. screaming

    D. screamed

    48. I really appreciate __________ to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself.

    A. you to offer

    B. that you offer

    C. your offering

    D. you offer

    49. After several rounds of talks, both sides regarded the territory dispute __________.

    A. being settled

    B. to be settled

    C. as being settled

    D. as settled

    50. I wish __________ to be understood that what he did has nothing to do with me.

    A. it

    B. that

    C. this

    D. there

    51. __________ the bad weather, no shipment will arrive this week.

    A. On account of

    B. By means of

    C. In spite of

    D. In front of

    52. There is __________ reason to believe that we are able to solve this problem on our own.

    A. all

    B. each

    C. any

    D. every

    53. He __________ her as soon as he came back from his business trip.

    A. called in

    B. called at

    C. called on

    D. called to

    54. While wandering in the yard sale, I __________ a famous painting.

    A. came across

    B. came to

    C. came at

    D. came for

    55. There are some remote areas in the world that remain __________ by modern civilization.

    A. unconcerned

    B. untouched

    C. unobserved

    D. uncovered

    56. Contrary to the prediction of the opposition, so far Mr. Modale has played largely __________ the rules.

    A. for

    B. in

    C. with

    D. by

    57. The intelligence department was accused of failure to __________ the troops to a possible enemy attack.

    A. instruct

    B. warn

    C. dictate

    D. alert

    58. We need someone really __________who can organize the office and run it smoothly.

    A. cheerful

    B. realistic

    C. effective

    D. efficient

    59. Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is the day __________ sweethearts exchange gifts or go out to dinner.

    A. in which

    B. for that

    C. on which

    D. by that

    60. Economists estimate that prices next year will be much higher than __________ we are today.

    A. how

    B. when

    C. what

    D. where

    61. Have you got any definite plans for your future __________ you’ve completed your graduate studies?

    A. now that

    B. but that

    C. in that

    D. so that

    62. It was __________ that all of us were eager to express our views.

    A. so interesting topic

    B. such interesting topic

    C. such interesting a topic

    D. so interesting a topic

    63. People under a lot of __________ may experience headaches, minor pains, and sleeping difficulties.

    A. stress

    B. exposure

    C. nervousness

    D. illness

    64. Many social problems are obviously caused by uneven __________ of wealth.

    A. development

    B. management

    C. distribution

    D. contribution

    65. He should __________ what he’s good at, and not switch to something he knows little about.

    A. take on

    B. stick to

    C. go after

    D. live on

    66. His total possessions __________ little more than the clothes he stood up in.

    A. amounted to

    B. settled for

    C. turned up

    D. equaled to

    67. By last month my cousin __________ more than two thousand stamps.

    A. had been collecting

    B. has collected

    C. would have collected

    D. had collected

    68. In recent years, “Internet” has become one of the __________ words.

    A. family

    B. home

    C. house

    D. household

    69. The __________ of older person is relatively low in developing countries, but is growing faster than in the West.

    A. statistics

    B. percentage

    C. ranking

    D. ratio

    70. Vicki never worried or hesitated about anything; she __________ whatever she wanted and almost always got it.

    A. went over

    B. went through

    C. went for

    D. went without

    71. Millions of people in the world go hungry today, not because there isn’t enough food, but because they just have no __________ to the food.

    A. access

    B. means

    C. possibility

    D. right

    72. When energy is converted from one from to another, some energy is always lost as heat.

    __________, no energy conversion is 100% efficient.

    A. In other terms

    B. In other ways

    C. In other words

    D. In other conditions

    73. Fishing in the company of my father is __________ the most precious memory of my childhood.

    A. at times

    B. by far

    C. since then

    D. in general

    74. In social dancing, the participants dance for their own pleasure rather than for __________ of the audience.

    A. that

    B. one

    C. those

    D. ones

    75. Scientists are now looking for ways to __________ electricity less expensively from renewable sources.

    A. generate

    B. manufacture

    C. construct

    D. transform


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